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CoatingsCross Country Supply, Home of the EIFS Depot sells quality coatings and plasters for all your stucco repair and construction needs. Whether you need epoxy, moisture proofing, additives, or special coatings, we have what you need!

Product Description Unit Price
Tique Aqua Guard An elastomeric secondary all weather moisture and air barrier. Uses: Tique-Guard can be applied over a wide variety of substrates to provide secondary seamless weather barrier. Tique-Guard serves as a foundation for adhesive applications of EPS insulation boards. 5 Gallon Bucket $92.50
Weld-Crete A waterborne acrylic bonding agent. Uses: Weld-Crete is applied over painted surfaces to improve adhesion of cementitious coatings. Weld-Crete evens surface absorption, allowing a uniform overlay. Weld-Crete may also be used to increase bond strength between cementitious products. 5 Gallon Bucket $118.50
Acryl 60 A concentrated, waterborne acrylic polymer additive for use with cementitious materials.Uses: Acryl 60, when diluted, is added to cementitious materials to reduce cracking and shrinking, while improving tensile, flexural and compressive strengths. When added to cementitious materials, Acryl 60 will produce a polymer-modified cement that will increase freeze/thaw stability.. 5 Gallon Bucket $155

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