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Colors and Textures

Our finish coat comes is five textures: Fine, Medium, Coarse, Swirl, and Big Worm.

Fine Finish
Medium Finish
Coarse Finish
Swirl Finish
Big Worm Finish

Tique colors and textures are made from the finest raw materials in the industry.

All tique finishes are 100% acrylic based which is both decorative and weather resistant.

Tique is the superior choice for style, durability, low maintenance, and lasting color.

Tique offers 78 Premium colors covering a broad range on the color spectrum.

Our lab can also formulate custom colors to meet your creative needs!

Tique colors are available in any of our five finish textures.

Please call us at 866.375.9510 for a complete list of options of colors and textures.

Our colors come in tint cups that are added to your 5 gallon bucket of finish. Simply add one tint cup per 5 gallon bucket of tique acrylic finish and mix with a drill mixer until the color is thoroughly and uniformly mixed into the finish.


Tique color collection

Fade Resistant | VOC Free | Concentrated Pigments
Over 1,500 Colors Available

P55 Miss Scarlett
P57 Happy Beet
P66 Rose Holiday
P67 Berry Poppins
P77 My Girl Pink
P44 Princess Bride
P90 Wonka's Chocolate
P89 Deer Hunter
P94 Sundance Kid
P99 Tan-occhio
P102 Goonie
P108 When Coffee Met Milk
P52 We Like it Hot
P59 An Amaretto in Paris
P61 Coral & Louise
P75 Breakfast Club
P80 Harold & Mauve
P81 Pulp Friction
P85 Brickheart
P88 Bambi
P98 The Color Taupe
P97 Plains, Taupes and Automobile
P101 The Neutral
P106 Revenge of the Nudes
P50 Out of Paprika
P25 Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin
P95 It's a Wonderful Spice
P27 James' Peach
P76 Cleopeachtra
P104 Casa Blanca
P86 Beauty & The Brick
P82 Cuckoo's Nest
P28 Gold Rush
P31 Golden Pond
P45 Bonnie & Hyde
IT40-1 A Tique White
P122 Citizen Kale
P119 What Plants Crave
P118 Grinch Green
P116 All About Ivy
P133 The Color of Mint
P18 Lemony Pickett
P21 Gold Member
P92 Lieutenant Tan
P19 Colonel Mustard
P30 Driving Miss Daizy
P43 A Star is Bourne
P110 Field of Creams
P155 Full Medal Jacket
P154 Virginia's Wolf
P150 Grimmlins
P117 Exit Sage Left
P112 Mushroom & Me
P111 Asperel's Gray Flannel
P157 Coalminer's Gal
P151 Camp Rock Gray
P145 Titantic Grey
P144 Dancing With Wolves
P141 Singing in the Rain
P139 Godfather
P159 Return of the Jet Blue
P124 On The Water’s Front
P125 Meet Me in St Bluey
P130 Blue with the Wind
P131 Fro-Zen
P138 Walking in the Clouds
P160 Ebony Strikes Black
P156 Smokey Mountain High
P148 Cinder Fella
P147 Hey Rocky
P142 Teen Wolf Grey
P140 Steel Magnolia
P125b Super Man
P125c Luke's Cool Hand
A12 American Redisent
A9 Clockwerk Orange
P4 Larry's Big Bird
P2 Tweety

The purpose of this color chart is to provide a general representation of tique’s spectrum of finish colors. The colors on this chart should only be used as a guide for color selection and should not be used to compare manufactured products. 

This color chart should be reviewed in daylight illumination and should not be used for final color selection. Color differences may occur between the color chart and the actual finish sample. Therefore, final color selection should be made from a minimum 4”x 4” color and texture sample. The samples will be made using the same tools and techniques used in an actual installation process. 

Click here for more information about our five finish textures.

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