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Mechanical Fasteners

Pre-assembled Galvanized Steel Screws with 2″ Plastic Stop Washer

Screw length Quantity per box Boxes per pallet Price / Box Pallet quantity
1-5/8″ 1,000 54 $72 $54
2″ 1,000 54 $75 $59
2-1/2″ 1,000 45 $85 $67
3″ 1,000 45 $89 $69
WASHERS ONLY 2,000 54 $78 $66

  • Mechanical Fasteners are comprised of a pre-assembled galvanized screw that is coupled with a high density, impact resistant two inch plastic stop washer.
  • The large diameter of the washer provides strong resistance to positive and negative wind loads.
  • The recessed channel with the plastic closure fingers over the top prevents moisture from passing through, bleeding of basecoat, and thermal bridging, as well as covering the screw head so that there is flush surface.
  • The recessed area of the fastener makes it so very little basecoat adhesive is needed to fill the indentation in the EPS board.

Mechanically Fastened

Mechanically Fastened System

On a Mechanically Fastened system, stucco wrap and EPS Foam Board is attached to the substrate using mechanical fasteners (using one fastener per square foot).

Fiberglass mesh is then embedded into Basecoat adhesive.

Lastly, a textured Acrylic Stucco Finish Coat is applied.

Tique 100% Acrylic Finish comes in five textures: Fine, Medium, Coarse, Swirl and Big Worm.

Tique Finish comes in a natural white color and can be Tinted or color matched to an existing sample.

Cross Country Supply has it all: Stucco Wrap, Tique Aquaguard roll on moisture barrier, EPS FoamFiberglass Mesh, Basecoat Adhesive, and  Finish Coat! 

Ask about our tools! At Cross Country Supply, Home of the EIFS Depot, we are proud to be able to supply everything you need to your home, business, restaurant, hotel, or jobsite!

Buy your EIFS Fasteners today!

Washers are 2″ in diameter and similar to Wind-Devil 2 washers. Fasteners are 2″ plastic stop washers pre-assembled with galvanized screws. All screws pre-assembled with 2″ washer.

Also available without galvanized screws. Washers only are available in boxes of 1,000 for only $39 or boxes of 2,000 for only $78.

Click here to read my blog on Mechanical Fasteners.

Click here to read my blog on attaching EIFS using Mechanical Fasteners.

Please call for availability. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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*For shipments to Canada, only washers are available for sale.

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