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Acrylic Stucco Finishes

We have five texture finishes to choose from:

Fine Finish
Medium Finish
Coarse Finish
Swirl Finish
Big Worm Finish

Our Acrylic Finish is designed to go over EIFS or Hard Coat Stucco applications.

We can tint and color match!
Check out our color and texture page here for more information on the 56 tique colors.

Texture Size Pieces per pallet Price Pallet quantity price
FINE 5-GAL/65 LBS 36 $48 $36
MEDIUM 5-GAL/65 LBS. 36 $48 $36
COARSE 5-GAL/65 LBS. 36 $48 $36
SWIRL 5-GAL/65 LBS. 36 $48 $36
BIG WORM 5-GAL/65 LBS. 36 $54 $42

Finish Coat for the eifs application or traditional Hard Coat Stucco. Cross Country Supply, Home of the EIFS Depot manufactures quality Finishes and EIFS products. We offer superior stucco products for our customers.

The Finish Coat is the last step in EIFS or Hard Coat Stucco applications. The same Finish is used for both applications. We can tint your finish! Call today to request a sample of tinted stucco finish in any of our four finishes. Finish is available in Fine, Medium, Coarse, or Swirl.  Visit our Color and Textures page to see some of the colors Cross Country Supply, Home of the EIFS Depot offers. Tint is shipped in cups that are added to the five gallon pail of Finish Coat. Just one tint cup per pail! If you ordered more finish than you need? No problem! Just order different tint for the next job.

Visit our blog for more information on products and uses of Tique, quality Stucco products.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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