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Starter track with weep holes

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Used in the EIFS system, the one piece track is designed with weep holes and drip holes that moves moisture away from opening headers.  Used most often around window and door openings and along the foundation wall for moisture drainage.

Size Quantity per box Price per box  Linear foot coverage
1″ 25 $287.10 250
1.5″ 20 $254.25 200
2″ 15 $212.12 150

The Fiberglass Mesh and Basecoat Adhesive should be lapped over the top of the perforated flanges and across all butt joints.

To determine the size track needed, it is the same as the thickness of EPS (foam) you are using. For example, if you are using 1″ foam, use 1″ starter track.

Our starter track comes in 10 foot sections, is white in color, is a plastic material, and features weep holes.

Buy your starter track direct from Cross Country Supply, Home of the EIFS Depot.
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