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TIQUE AquaGuard

An elastomeric and acrylic secondary all weather moisture and air barrier.

Tique AquaGuardTIQUE AquaGuard is used in the Adhesively Attached System over the substrate to provide an water resistant membrane coating. This coating is used for superior protection from water intrusion, moisture from the air, and condensation.

TIQUE AquaGuard comes in a seagreen color to make it easy for the applicator to see that the product has been applied in an even continuous application without pinholes or gaps.

TIQUE AquaGuard can be rolled, sprayed, or troweled on to a wide variety of substrates. TIQUE AquaGuard adheres well to concrete, masonry, wood, OSB, exterior grade gypsum sheathing, ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms), dens glass, and metals.

Tique AquaGuard provides a secondary seamless weather barrier as well as serving as a foundation for adhesive applications of EPS insulation boards.

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Coverage is approximately 300-500 square feet. Two applications are necessary to ensure a continuous water resistant membrane. Coverage will vary due to ambient temperature, surface temperature, surface porosity, and/or application methods.

For more information on TIQUEwall Adhesively Attached System or Tique AquaGuard please call 866.375.9510 to speak with our highly trained sales associates.

Average coverage rates per pail are:

DensGlass: 400-500 ft2

Gypsum Sheeting: 450-550 ft2

Cement Board: 375-475 ft2

OSB or Plywood: 225-325 ft2

(Two Coats required)

Technical Data Sheets

AquaGuard SDS Sheets AquaGuard Specification Sheets AquaGuard Product
Information Sheet

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