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Mud Pan- For mixing mud, cement, and concrete

A Mud Pan is used for holding drywall materials, joint compound, basecoat adhesive, stucco cement, and other materials for walls and ceilings.

When ordering your materials be sure to remember to buy your mud pans and tools from Cross Country Supply, Home of the EIFS Depot.

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Metal Mud Pan

Made from either stainless or galvanized steel Tapered ends and sides with mud-tight seams.

Sides are sheared to clean knives easily

  • Top length = 14-7/16″
  • Bottom length = 12-7/8″
  • Top width = 4-1/2″
  • Bottom width = 3-1/8″
  • Height = 2-13/16″

Plastic Mud Pan

Size: 12″. Type: Stainless steel, Galvanized
  • Made of long wearing plastic with hang-up tab
  • Equipped with two metal wiping blades
  • Resists chemicals and temperature changes
  • Outside is slightly textured to provide a non-slip surface
  • Top Length = 14-7/8″
  • Bottom Length = 13-1/4″
  • Top Width = 4-3/4″
  • Bottom Width = 3″
  • Height = 3-1/4″

Handipan® Mud Pans

Size: 10″, 12″ X 7-1/8″
  • Multi-purpose utility pan
  • Made of durable polystyrene
  • Built-in wipe blade
  • Available in 2 sizes (10″ and 12″)
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