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Sanding Rasps for EIFS Foam

Rasps are used for planing and shaping EPS Foam Boards and pieces.
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Rapid Rasps

Removes as much EIFS Foam per stroke as carbide steel rasps rugged stainless steel blade will not rust aggressive pierced teeth are easy to control, will not leaves lines resislient durasoft® handle with integral finger guard

Size Price
14″ X 2″ $28.29
14″ X 4″ $31.93
14″ X 6″ $38.41
14″ X 8″ $39.22

Sanding Rasps

Flat aluminum backing plate can be used with pressure sensitive adhesive or plain backing paper

12 grit sandpaper included

Size Price
14″ X 4″ $18.52
14″ X 8″ $37.34

Rasp Sandpaper

12 grit paper pressure sensitive adhesive back

10 sheets included

Size Price
14″ X 4″ $38.41
14″ X 8″ $85.09

Hot Knife Foam Cutter

A hot knife is used when installing EPS foam during the EIFS application to cut v groves and other patterns and shapes into the foam.
Hot Knives can cut both Syrofoam and Expanded Polysterene.

  • 150 watt strong heat cutting
  • original hot knife blade adapter, case and hot knife cleaning brush
  • electronic circuit board powered hot knife
  • variable power control heat cutter
  • hot knife heats up in seconds
  • lightweight hot knife foam cutter
  • high-quality stamped hot knife blades
  • hot knife blades cut expanded polystyrene eps foam and extruded polystyrene xps foam
  • spring-loaded safety trigger
  • designed specifically where you can purchase nwfw wire and bend into a groove shape and connect the two ends of the band back into the hot knife - maxinum 1′ of wire only.

Nicad wire sold seperately by the foot.

Please call ahead 866.375.9510 for price and availability.
Prices subject to change without notice.

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